“Sharon Kroes is a phenomenal speaker. He captivates every audience with his special rhetorical techniques. The audience is left in amazement: how is this possible? But also with a feeling: I can (and want) this too!”
– Hans Janssen, management seminar organizer

Satisfied Customers of Sharon Kroes

Sharon Kroes is a much sought-after speaker and trainer in the field of persuasion, argumentation techniques and the art of debating. Sharon Kroes in a nutshell:

  • Partner at Debat.NL
  • Dutch, European and world debating champion
  • Co-author of management book bestseller “Persuasive Debating”
  • Speaks and trains at home and abroad. From 5 to 5000 people.

About Sharon Kroes

Sharon Kroes is a speaker, trainer and best-selling author. Helps organizations to improve their persuasiveness in meetings, discussions and debates. His sessions are known for their high level of interaction, humor and practical tools.

Sharon Kroes gives approximately 160 sessions per year. Always based on the client’s subject matter. From long-term training programs to short half-hour inspiration sessions.


Sharon Kroes is one of the highest rated speakers in the field of persuasion in the Netherlands. Recently awarded the best speaker recognition during the seminar “Psychology of Persuasion. Has been a regular speaker at the largest seminars in the Netherlands for many years and shares the stage with Professor Robert Cialdini and Harvard Professor Daniel Shapiro.

Training Programs

Helps countless organizations in Northern and Western Europe to improve their persuasion skills. Always based on your own material and case studies. In tailor-made processes, everyone immediately sees how they can present themselves even more persuasively in the next conversation.