“Sharon Kroes is a phenomenal speaker. He captivates every audience with his special rhetorical techniques. The audience is left in amazement: how is this possible? But also with a feeling: I can (and want) this too!”
– Hans Janssen, management seminar organizer


  • 30 – 120 minutes
  • Online preparation
  • Interactive session
  • Tailor-made Program
  • Travel costs/travel time
  • An inspiring and interactive session where participants dive into the magical world of persuasion.


  • 0.5 day to 5 days
  • Online preparation
  • Interactive session
  • Tailor-made Program.
  • Travel costs/travel time
  • A training program that is based on your own cases and ambitions. Participants improve their own persuasiveness in a step by step program.

Themes that are covered include:

  • Argumentation strategies
  • The art of asking questions
  • Recognizing and countering fallacies
  • Inspirational speeches
  • Verbal and non-verbal charisma